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Partners - Lake Der Accommodation

  • Animal and Nature Photography Festival in Montier-en-Der

This great international festival is held every year on the third weekend of November and brings together more than 40,000 festival-goers: nature lovers, photographers or simple visitors wishing to get a feast for their eyes! On several sites, superb photos, conferences, demonstrations, photographic material mark the path between Montier-en-Der, Giffaumont and Outines for 4 days from Thursday to Sunday.




Website : www.photo-montier.org/fr/


  • Gites de France 

The Cabane aux Secrets, Roulotte des Elfes and Clés d’Emeraude group have all been approved by the Relais des Gites de France in Marne. Book your reservations online via the booking platform. It's simple, instant and fast!

Website : www.gites-de-france-marne.com

  • On the Via Francigena

The GR14 in Champagne-Ardenne allows you to follow the Via Francigena or "the way of the Franks" or 40 km. This GR with its red and white tags goes through "La Pierre" in Outines, and Au milieu de Nulle part.

These routes were taken in the Middle Ages by pilgrims from the Franks kingdom to go to Rome, the Seat of Christendom in the West. They used in part the network of Roman roads of the time.

In 990, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sigéric, went to Rome to receive his pallium from Pope John XV. On the way back, he wrote a travel diary listing the 80 steps he needed to make this journey of almost 2000 km. This manuscript is the oldest route described by a pilgrim. It gives a precise idea of ​​the route of one of the Francigene Life recognized as a Great Cultural Route by the Council of Europe.

Via Francigena borrowed by Sigeric, enters France in Calais. It arrives in Champagne-Ardenne by Reims, Châlons-en-Champagne, then Outines to join then Bar-sur-Aube, Langres then Switzerland while crossing Franche-Comté. Finally, it is Italy by the Great St. Bernard Pass.

Website : lesroutesduterroir.com/bons-plans/en-route/253-la-via-francigena


  • Cabanes de France

All the good addresses for huts in France: perched, on stilts, caravans ...

Website : www.cabanes-de-france.com


  • Lake Der Tourist Office in Champagne

All activities around Lake Der in Champagne the largest artificial lake in Western Europe straddling the departments of the Marne and Haute-Marne

Contact: Lake Der Tourist Office


Website : www.lacduder.com

  • Champagne by bike

"The Ardennes and Champagne departments have developed a partnership with accommodation providers, rental companies, visitor sites and tourist offices.

Based on an agreement signed between the service providers, the TDCs and the CRT, the partner institutions are committed to adapting to the needs of cycling tourists.

Cycling tourists will find, for example, adapted information (itineraries, weather, etc.), bicycle storage areas, light repair equipment, etc.

These establishments will be the best relays for you to discover Champagne and the Ardennes by bike! "

Contact: Rachel Debelle

Mail: r.debelle@tourisme-en-champagne.com

Website : www.tourisme-en-champagne.com


  • League for the Protection of Birds Champagne-Ardenn

Follow-up of the migrations to Lake Der, protection of the environment, nature outings, events

Contact: LPO Champagne-Ardenne

Telephone: 03 26 72 54 47

Mail: champagne-ardenne@lpo.fr

Website : champagne-ardenne.lpo.fr/

  • Bienvenue à la Ferme

Network of farmers favouring reception and tourism in rural areas

Contact: Chamber of Agriculture of Marne

Website : www.bienvenue-a-la-ferme.com/

  • Gites and Refuges

Guide and website of 4000 types of accommodation adapted to nature sports activities

Contact: Annick and Serge Mouraret

Telephone: 01 34 65 11 89

Mail: Serge.Mouraret@wanadoo.fr

Website : www.gites-refuges.com/

  • French Cycling Federation

Cycling trips. Guide to good plans

Contact: FFCT

Telephone: 01 56 20 88 88

Mail: info@ffct.org

Website : www.ffct.org/


  • The Fishermen's House


Union of Federations and Fishing Associations for the Protection of the Aquatic Environment

Contact: Mr Henri JOUVENAUX


Mail: pecheauder@wanadoo.fr

Website : www.pecheauder.com/


  • Departmental Committee of Tourism of the Marne Department

The Marne, Champagne flowers and hiking area: Events, towns and villages in bloom, Champagne Touriste


Contact:  Departmental Committee of Tourism Marne


Website : www.tourisme-en-champagne.com


  • Recommended by Les Routes du Terroir

La France autrement

Website : www.lesroutesduterroir.com



The hut specialist website

Website : www.les-cabanes.com