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Lake Der Activities

Discover the list of activities to do around our accommodation located near Lake Der.

You can also get more information from  the Lake Der Tourist Office

  • Hiking :
    Walk :

    Starting from Au Milieu de Nulle Part, several marked hiking loop tracks allow you to discover on foot or by mountain bike, the exceptional biodiversity of the natural heritage and half-timbered churches

    - Outines ponds track : 8 km, 2 hours, yellow/black markings

    - "Between Ponds and Lake Der" track 16 km, 5 hours, red/white markings partly then yellow/black markings

    Hiking information sheets available from the Lake Der Tourist Office
  • – With a donkey: Champ'ânes 
    On horseback
    – Geocaching
    By bike : Tour of Lake Der (38km in own site), half-timbered church track: 100 km of connected cycling paths
    – By car : half-timbered church circuit, Champagne Roads
  • Bird watching : League for the Protection of Birds in Outines
  • Fishing : fishing maps for sale at the Fishermen's House in Giffaumont
  • Water fun : swimming (6 beaches around Lake Der), sailing and other water activities, boat ride to Giffaumont nautical station
  • Small tourist train
  • Tree climbing park
  • Minigolf, playground in Giffaumont, 7km away
  • Half-timbered churches: Outines, Châtillon-sur-Broué, Bailly-le-Franc, Drosnay, Lentils
  • Pays du Der Museum at Sainte-Marie du Lac, 12km away
  • Nigloland Amusement Park, 25km away
  • Joa Games Casino in Giffaumont , 7km away
  • Animal and Nature Photography Festival: every year on the third weekend of November: exhibition sites in Montier-en-Der, Droyes, Ceffonds, Giffaumont