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CHAMP'ANES Hiking with donkeys

Lake Der Activities

Prices : 55 €/donkey:day

In our Lake Der accommodation, why not go for a ride or hike with Lulu and Caesar, the donkeys are pack-saddled or saddled for children under 20kg. They will accompany you step by step, carry your luggage, your picnic and of course cuddle your children.


The aim: You lead your donkey in total freedom


This is an unaccompanied hike. You go with family or friends with one or two donkeys on a formed but unmarked track. We provide you with the appropriate equipment: travel guide and map, compass, helmet for children, building material (packs, saddlebags, halter, lanyards) and a manual on how to guide your donkey.

The rental of a donkey is usually for a day but we can offer a tailor-made adventure with your donkey for two days roaming or in a daisy chain (with return to your accommodation).


  • The distance travelled is about 15km per day.
  • Rental price: €50 per day/donkey
  • Remember to pack your picnic, water, good walking shoes, waterproof windbreaker and hat in the summer, and warm, neutral clothing in the winter.
  • Prams and dogs are not allowed.


"The ponds of Der at a donkey’s pace" Day Package


Around the ponds of Outines, go discover the bird reserve which varies depending on the season. You will discover passerines and amphibians in the spring; geese, ducks and cranes in autumn and winter. During the summer, kites, buzzards, ducks, herons, egrets, swans, sparrows can be seen and heard throughout. You will surely have the chance to witness the flight of a deer or a fox near a bush, too.


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